Andy Rench


Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Andy Rench crafts pop songs that blend classic folk and rock sensibilities with ambient textures and soundscapes. Based in Chicago, Andy’s performances fit equally well in clubs as they do in intimate arts spaces.

Andy has been involved with a variety of Chicago music projects dating back to the early 90s, including the dream pop group She, improvisational post-rock collective Company of Big Beats, Flameshovel math-popper’s Ancient Greeks, and later with the noise-rock outfit Blank Banker.

As a solo artist, Andy has focused on smaller venues performing intimate, original ambient, folk, and American primitive compositions. A blended mix of these styles can be heard on his 2019 self-released album As Long As It’s Today.

“Excellent stuff influenced by Neil Young, John Fahey, and Eno” – Brian Pennington Lardo, Radiant Republic

“This cassette is the real deal: real music for real people… Musically inventive, perfect for a drift through the midnight desert or a nocturnal drive through the suburbs … As Long As It’s Today gets you on its wavelength from the first notes onward. Exceptional songwriting & musical adventures await.” – Frederick Moe Why The Tapes Play



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Montrose Saloon – January 31, 2020
Uncommon Ground – September 6, 2019
Emanation XXIII – Live @ Century Mallet – July 14, 2019


Andy is currently available for shows in the Chicago area and would also be happy to discuss performance opportunities outside Chicago as well. Email Andy directly for booking.